NGD Interiors

Hi Jim & Nina – Here’s how we will help you get found regionally for Interior Design and beat out your competitors, but more importantly get you some new leads and clients!


In short, while your site looks amazing, there are some things we’d focus on changing to help you start ranking much better and get more clients through your site (without paying for advertising!):

1 – Optimizing all the images on your website (Helps Google figure out what to show your website for)

2 – Optimizing the headers in your website’s text (Helps Google see the most important keywords for you to appear)

3 – Improve the backlink profile of your site (Increases your website’s trust and value in Google’s engine)

4 – Increase your citations (Improves the “chatter” for your business online, which increases your local listing’s rank as well as your website)

Let's get started & increase your online presence!