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Paid social is a significantly useful but underutilized tool within the city of Philadelphia. With cities of our size, we have many potential customers who scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms that are waiting to be targeted with products or services daily. You may not even realise yourself, but you’ve probably been targeted and converted to purchasing a product or service through paid social advertising yourself.

If you provide a B2B product or service, then LinkedIn advertising is a significant tool that you may not have utilized yet. LinkedIn is used by decision makers of large businesses and medium to small business owners at least once a week on average. This gives you a window of opportunity to directly target those who you can sell products to. If you have been trying to find a great way to convert inbound leads, LinkedIn is the way to go.

Philadelphia Paid Social

If you sell a product or service that is already somewhat established, then Facebook is a significant tool for you to use. While Facebook no longer has the audience and demographic targeting profile they used to, the broader version can still allow filtering towards a specific audience. Since there are so many returning users to Facebook daily, an eye-catching video or image is the key. Retargeting is also a great tool to use in this case.

Instagram is a great tool to use if you have a video advertisement that you are proud of. Since the average Instagram user scrolls through quickly and less attention is paid to images or videos, it’s important to ensure that the first 5 seconds of a video or the banner image is highly converting. If you do create a copy that is eye catching, Instagram provides the highest conversion rate per click.

These are just some of the social media platforms you can advertise on, so consider paid social advertising services with Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia today!

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