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Google AdWords is one of the key staples of digital marketing, making PPC services extremely important. There are many reasons PPC helps businesses beyond the short-term results. AdWords seems to also play a factor in the rankings of a website, especially when considering Google RankBrain. The main reason PPC services are important however is when considering return of investment (ROI) for all ad spend.

Research shows that on average, only 2% of all searchers click on Google adverts in the 2020’s. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. The truth is that many advert campaigns run by businesses and agencies just aren’t up the standard they need to be to reach high levels of conversion. Without the use of specific tools or experience that our Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia team has gathered over the last decade, it’s difficult for companies to achieve the same level of success.


AdWords isn’t just about getting potential customers to click onto your website. A key aspect is to make sure that the users to convert into customers or clients, which is why conversion rate optimisation is a necessity.

Something important to note when it comes to AdWords is the importance of ROI. Most digital marketing agencies can spend $100,000 and call a $101,000 return a success. Here at Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia, we feel that it is a failure. We want to aim for a fifth of the budget for the same amount of return.

Making sure that you maximise potential profits of any AdWords campaigns is the best channel for short-term and immediate results. If you use A/B testing, you’ll be able to fine tune your AdWords campaigns to make a significant amount of profit. With the use of long-tail and non-competitive keywords, we will also be able to lower the entire budget you spend quickly.

With Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia, we will always look for the best results possible for our clients and for you.

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